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6.7 Systemology

This section aims at presenting some systems and pointers to documentation. It may help you addressing particular problems reported by users.

The Rosetta Stone for Unix contains a lot of interesting crossed information on various Unices.

Darwin is also known as Mac OS X. Beware that the file system can be case-preserving, but case insensitive. This can cause nasty problems, since for instance the installation attempt for a package having an `INSTALL' file can result in `make install' report that nothing was to be done!

That's all dependent on whether the file system is a UFS (case sensitive) or HFS+ (case preserving). By default Apple wants you to install the OS on HFS+. Unfortunately, there are some pieces of software which really need to be built on UFS. We may want to rebuild Darwin to have both UFS and HFS+ available (and put the /local/build tree on the UFS).

QNX 4.25
QNX is a realtime operating system running on Intel architecture meant to be scalable from the small embedded systems to the hundred processor super-computer. It claims to be POSIX certified. More information is available on the QNX home page, including the QNX man pages.

The \title\{http://www.tru64unix.compaq.com/docs/base_doc/DOCUMENTATION/, documentation of several versions of Tru64} is available in different formats.

Unix version 7
Documentation is available in the V7 Manual.

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