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5.6.1 Portability of Headers

This section tries to collect knowledge about common headers, and the problems they cause. By definition, this list will always require additions. Please help us keeping it as complete as possible.

`inttypes.h' vs. `stdint.h'
Paul Eggert notes that: ISO C 1999 says that `inttypes.h' includes `stdint.h', so there's no need to include `stdint.h' separately in a standard environment. Many implementations have `inttypes.h' but not `stdint.h' (e.g., Solaris 7), but I don't know of any implementation that has `stdint.h' but not `inttypes.h'. Nor do I know of any free software that includes `stdint.h'; `stdint.h' seems to be a creation of the committee.

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