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4.10 Creating Configuration Links

You may find it convenient to create links whose destinations depend upon results of tests. One can use AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS but the creation of relative symbolic links can be delicate when the package is built in a directory different from the source directory.

Macro: AC_CONFIG_LINKS (dest:source..., [cmds], [init-cmds])
Make AC_OUTPUT link each of the existing files source to the corresponding link name dest. Makes a symbolic link if possible, otherwise a hard link if possible, otherwise a copy. The dest and source names should be relative to the top level source or build directory. This macro is one of the instantiating macros; see 4.5 Performing Configuration Actions.

For example, this call:


creates in the current directory `host.h' as a link to `srcdir/config/$machine.h', and `object.h' as a link to `srcdir/config/$obj_format.h'.

The tempting value `.' for dest is invalid: it makes it impossible for `config.status' to guess the links to establish.

One can then run:
./config.status host.h object.h
to create the links.

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