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Autoconf Macro Index: G -- P

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Index Entry Section

GCC_TRADITIONAL15.4 Obsolete Macros
GETGROUPS_T15.4 Obsolete Macros
GETLOADAVG15.4 Obsolete Macros
GNU_SOURCE5.12 UNIX Variants

HAVE_C_BACKSLASH_A5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
HAVE_FUNCS15.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_HEADERS15.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_LIBRARY15.4 Obsolete Macros
HAVE_POUNDBANG15.4 Obsolete Macros
HEADER_CHECK15.4 Obsolete Macros
HEADER_DIRENT5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_EGREP15.4 Obsolete Macros
HEADER_MAJOR5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_STAT5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_STDBOOL5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_STDC5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_SYS_WAIT5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_TIME5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ5.6.2 Particular Header Checks
HELP_STRING12.3 Making Your Help Strings Look Pretty

INIT4.1 Initializing configure
INIT15.4 Obsolete Macros
INLINE15.4 Obsolete Macros
INT_16_BITS15.4 Obsolete Macros
IRIX_SUN15.4 Obsolete Macros
ISC_POSIX5.12 UNIX Variants

LANG_C15.4 Obsolete Macros
LANG_CALL6.2.3 Generating Sources
LANG_CONFTEST6.2.3 Generating Sources
LANG_CPLUSPLUS15.4 Obsolete Macros
LANG_FORTRAN7715.4 Obsolete Macros
LANG_FUNC_LINK_TRY6.2.3 Generating Sources
LANG_POP6.1 Language Choice
LANG_PROGRAM6.2.3 Generating Sources
LANG_PUSH6.1 Language Choice
LANG_RESTORE15.4 Obsolete Macros
LANG_SAVE15.4 Obsolete Macros
LANG_SOURCE6.2.3 Generating Sources
LIBOBJ5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
LIBSOURCE5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
LIBSOURCES5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
LINK_FILES15.4 Obsolete Macros
LINK_IFELSE6.5 Running the Linker
LN_S15.4 Obsolete Macros
LONG_64_BITS15.4 Obsolete Macros
LONG_DOUBLE15.4 Obsolete Macros
LONG_FILE_NAMES15.4 Obsolete Macros

MAJOR_HEADER15.4 Obsolete Macros
MEMORY_H15.4 Obsolete Macros
MINGW3215.4 Obsolete Macros
MINIX5.12 UNIX Variants
MINUS_C_MINUS_O15.4 Obsolete Macros
MMAP15.4 Obsolete Macros
MODE_T15.4 Obsolete Macros
MSG_CHECKING7.4 Printing Messages
MSG_ERROR7.4 Printing Messages
MSG_FAILURE7.4 Printing Messages
MSG_NOTICE7.4 Printing Messages
MSG_RESULT7.4 Printing Messages
MSG_WARN7.4 Printing Messages

OBJEXT15.4 Obsolete Macros
OBSOLETE15.4 Obsolete Macros
OFF_T15.4 Obsolete Macros
OUTPUT4.4 Outputting Files
OUTPUT15.4 Obsolete Macros
OUTPUT_COMMANDS15.4 Obsolete Macros
OUTPUT_COMMANDS_POST4.9 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands
OUTPUT_COMMANDS_PRE4.9 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands

PACKAGE_BUGREPORT4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_NAME4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_STRING4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_TARNAME4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_VERSION4.1 Initializing configure
PATH_PROG5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
PATH_PROGS5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
PATH_TOOL5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
PATH_X5.11 System Services
PATH_XTRA5.11 System Services
PID_T15.4 Obsolete Macros
PREFIX15.4 Obsolete Macros
PREFIX_DEFAULT4.12 Default Prefix
PREFIX_PROGRAM4.12 Default Prefix
PREPROC_IFELSE6.3 Running the Preprocessor
PREREQ4.2 Notices in configure
PROG_AWK5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_CC5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
PROG_CC_C_O5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
PROG_CC_STDC15.4 Obsolete Macros
PROG_CPP5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
PROG_CXX5.10.4 C++ Compiler Characteristics
PROG_CXXCPP5.10.4 C++ Compiler Characteristics
PROG_EGREP5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_F77_C_O5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
PROG_FGREP5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_FORTRAN5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
PROG_GCC_TRADITIONAL5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
PROG_INSTALL5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_LEX5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_LN_S5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_MAKE_SET4.4 Outputting Files
PROG_RANLIB5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROG_YACC5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
PROGRAM_CHECK15.4 Obsolete Macros
PROGRAM_EGREP15.4 Obsolete Macros
PROGRAM_PATH15.4 Obsolete Macros
PROGRAMS_CHECK15.4 Obsolete Macros
PROGRAMS_PATH15.4 Obsolete Macros

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