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B.4 Autoconf Macro Index

This is an alphabetical list of the Autoconf macros. To make the list easier to use, the macros are listed without their preceding `AC_'.

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Index Entry Section

AH_BOTTOM4.8.3 Autoheader Macros
AH_TEMPLATE4.8.3 Autoheader Macros
AH_TOP4.8.3 Autoheader Macros
AH_VERBATIM4.8.3 Autoheader Macros
AIX5.12 UNIX Variants
ALLOCA15.4 Obsolete Macros
ARG_ARRAY15.4 Obsolete Macros
ARG_ENABLE12.2 Choosing Package Options
ARG_PROGRAM12.5 Transforming Program Names When Installing
ARG_VAR7.2 Setting Output Variables
ARG_WITH12.1 Working With External Software
AU_DEFUN9.5 Obsoleting Macros

BEFORE9.4.2 Suggested Ordering
BOTTOM4.8.3 Autoheader Macros

C_BIGENDIAN5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_CHAR_UNSIGNED5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_CONST5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_CROSS15.4 Obsolete Macros
C_INLINE5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_LONG_DOUBLE5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_PROTOTYPES5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_STRINGIZE5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
C_VOLATILE5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
CACHE_CHECK7.3 Caching Results
CACHE_LOAD7.3.3 Cache Checkpointing
CACHE_SAVE7.3.3 Cache Checkpointing
CACHE_VAL7.3 Caching Results
CANONICAL_BUILD11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
CANONICAL_HOST11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
CANONICAL_SYSTEM15.4 Obsolete Macros
CANONICAL_TARGET11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
CHAR_UNSIGNED15.4 Obsolete Macros
CHECK_DECL5.7.2 Generic Declaration Checks
CHECK_DECLS5.7.2 Generic Declaration Checks
CHECK_FUNC5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
CHECK_FUNCS5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
CHECK_HEADER5.6.3 Generic Header Checks
CHECK_HEADERS5.6.3 Generic Header Checks
CHECK_LIB5.4 Library Files
CHECK_MEMBER5.8.2 Generic Structure Checks
CHECK_MEMBERS5.8.2 Generic Structure Checks
CHECK_PROG5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
CHECK_PROGS5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
CHECK_SIZEOF5.10.2 Generic Compiler Characteristics
CHECK_TOOL5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
CHECK_TOOLS5.2.2 Generic Program and File Checks
CHECK_TYPE5.9.2 Generic Type Checks
CHECK_TYPE15.4 Obsolete Macros
CHECK_TYPES5.9.2 Generic Type Checks
CHECKING15.4 Obsolete Macros
COMPILE_CHECK15.4 Obsolete Macros
COMPILE_IFELSE6.4 Running the Compiler
CONFIG_AUX_DIR4.3 Finding configure Input
CONFIG_COMMANDS4.9 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands
CONFIG_FILES4.6 Creating Configuration Files
CONFIG_HEADERS4.8 Configuration Header Files
CONFIG_LIBOBJ_DIR5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
CONFIG_LINKS4.10 Creating Configuration Links
CONFIG_SRCDIR4.3 Finding configure Input
CONFIG_SUBDIRS4.11 Configuring Other Packages in Subdirectories
CONFIG_TESTDIR16.4 Making testsuite Scripts
CONST15.4 Obsolete Macros
COPYRIGHT4.2 Notices in configure
CROSS_CHECK15.4 Obsolete Macros
CYGWIN15.4 Obsolete Macros

DECL_SYS_SIGLIST15.4 Obsolete Macros
DECL_YYTEXT15.4 Obsolete Macros
DEFINE7.1 Defining C Preprocessor Symbols
DEFINE_UNQUOTED7.1 Defining C Preprocessor Symbols
DEFUN9.1 Macro Definitions
DEFUN9.5 Obsoleting Macros
DIAGNOSE9.3 Reporting Messages
DIR_HEADER15.4 Obsolete Macros
DYNIX_SEQ15.4 Obsolete Macros

EGREP_CPP6.3 Running the Preprocessor
EGREP_HEADER6.3 Running the Preprocessor
EMXOS215.4 Obsolete Macros
ENABLE12.2 Choosing Package Options
ERROR15.4 Obsolete Macros
EXEEXT15.4 Obsolete Macros

F77_DUMMY_MAIN5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
F77_FUNC5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
F77_LIBRARY_LDFLAGS5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
F77_MAIN5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
F77_WRAPPERS5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
FATAL9.3 Reporting Messages
FIND_X15.4 Obsolete Macros
FIND_XTRA15.4 Obsolete Macros
FUNC_ALLOCA5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_CHECK15.4 Obsolete Macros
FUNC_CHOWN5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_CLOSEDIR_VOID5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_ERROR_AT_LINE5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_FNMATCH5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_FNMATCH_GNU5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_FORK5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_FSEEKO5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_GETGROUPS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_GETLOADAVG5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_GETMNTENT5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_GETPGRP5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_LSTAT5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_LSTAT_FOLLOWS_SLASHED_SYMLINK5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_MALLOC5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_MBRTOWC5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_MEMCMP5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_MKTIME5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_MMAP5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_OBSTACK5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_REALLOC5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_SELECT_ARGTYPES5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_SETPGRP5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_STAT5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_STRCOLL5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_STRERROR_R5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_STRFTIME5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_STRNLEN5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_STRTOD5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_UTIME_NULL5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_VPRINTF5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
FUNC_WAIT315.4 Obsolete Macros

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