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13. Running configure Scripts

Below are instructions on how to configure a package that uses a configure script, suitable for inclusion as an `INSTALL' file in the package. A plain-text version of `INSTALL' which you may use comes with Autoconf.

13.1 Basic Installation  Instructions for typical cases
13.2 Compilers and Options  Selecting compilers and optimization
13.3 Compiling For Multiple Architectures  Compiling for multiple architectures at once
13.4 Installation Names  Installing in different directories
13.5 Optional Features  Selecting optional features
13.6 Specifying the System Type  Specifying the system type
13.7 Sharing Defaults  Setting site-wide defaults for configure
13.8 Defining Variables  Specifying the compiler etc.
13.9 configure Invocation  Changing how configure runs

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