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Accounting Utilities Manual

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5. sa

sa summarizes information about previously executed commands as recorded in the acct file. In addition, it condenses this data into the savacct summary file, which contains the number of times the command was called and the system resources used. The information can also be summarized on a per-user basis; sa will save this information into usracct. Usage:

sa [opts] [file]

If no arguments are specified, sa will print information about all of the commands in the acct file. If command names have unprintable characters, or are only called once, sa will sort them into a group called ***other.

If called with a file name as the last argument, sa will use that file instead of acct.

By default, sa will sort the output by sum of user and system time.

The output fields are labeled as follows:

sum of system and user time in cpu seconds

"real time" in cpu seconds

cpu-time averaged core usage, in 1k units

average number of I/O operations per execution

total number of I/O operations

cpu storage integral (kilo-core seconds)

user cpu time in cpu seconds

system time in cpu seconds

An asterisk will appear after the name of commands that forked but didn't call exec.

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