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Accounting Utilities Manual

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4. lastcomm

lastcomm prints out information about previously executed commands. If no arguments are specified, lastcomm will print info about all of the commands in the acct file (the record file). If called with a command name, user name, or tty name, only records containing those items will be displayed. For example, to find out which users used command `a.out' and which users were logged into `tty0', type:

lastcomm a.out tty0

This will print any entry for which `a.out' or `tty0' matches in any of the record's fields (command, name, or tty). If you want to find only items that match ALL of the arguments on the command line, you must use the '--strict-match' option. For example, to list all of the executions of command `a.out' by user `root' on terminal `tty0', type:

lastcomm --strict-match a.out root tty0

The order of the arguments is not important.

For each entry the following information is printed:

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