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Accounting Utilities Manual

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3.1 Flags

This program implements the features of regular u*x last with a few extra flags. When last is invoked with no arguments, the output looks like this:
gr151     ttyp2    ray.cs.oberlin.e Tue Feb 16 17:40   still logged in
jhoggard  ttyp2    csts.cs.oberlin. Tue Feb 16 17:39 - 17:39  (00:00)
jstarr    ttyp1    UNIX5.ANDREW.CMU Tue Feb 16 17:38   still logged in
jberman   ttypb    Tue Feb 16 17:34   still logged in
alee      ttyp7    csts.cs.oberlin. Tue Feb 16 17:34   still logged in
jbrick    ttyp2    ocvaxa.cc.oberli Tue Feb 16 17:33 - 17:36  (00:03)
mbastedo  ttypc    ocvaxa.cc.oberli Tue Feb 16 17:25 - 17:26  (00:01)
rgoodste  ttypb    ocvaxa.cc.oberli Tue Feb 16 17:22 - 17:26  (00:03)
huttar    ttyp9    lobby.ti.com     Tue Feb 16 17:19   still logged in
klutz     ttyp3    Tue Feb 16 17:14   still logged in

When printing out the information, don't chop the number part off of ftpxxxx entries.

-n number
--lines number
Limit the number of lines that last prints.

-f filename
--file filename
Read from the file filename instead of the system's wtmp file.

Print out the year when displaying dates.

Print out seconds when displaying dates and durations.

When the wtmp file has a problem (a time-warp, missing record, or whatever), print out an appropriate error.

Print out run level changes, shutdowns, and time changes in addition to the normal records.

Print out all records in the wtmp file.

Some machines store the IP address of a connection in a utmp record. Enabling this option makes last print the IP address instead of the hostname.

--tw-leniency value
Set the time warp leniency value (in seconds). See the ac chapter for information.

--tw-suspicious value
Set the time warp suspicious value (in seconds). See the ac chapter for information.

Print verbose internal information.

Print last's version number.

Print last's usage string and default locations of system files to standard output.

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