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Accounting Utilities Manual

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3. last

last looks through the wtmp file (which records all logins/logouts) and prints information about connect times of users. Records are printed from most recent to least recent. Records can be specified by tty and username. tty names can be abbreviated: `last 0' is equivalent to `last tty0'.

Multiple arguments can be specified: `last root console' will print all of the entries for the user root and all entries logged in on the console tty.

The special users reboot and shutdown log in when the system reboots or (surprise) shuts down. `last reboot' will produce a record of reboot times.

If last is interrupted by a quit signal, it prints out how far its search in the wtmp file had reached and then quits:
weerapan  ttyq6    Mon Feb 15 19:07 - 19:21  (00:13)
weerapan  ttyq6    Mon Feb 15 19:07 - 19:21  (00:13)

interrupted at Mon Feb 15 19:07:52 1993

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