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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.7.1 Example and syntax

First of all, here is a sample of a `ChangeLog' file, taken from the `misc/' directory of the original a2ps package:
Sun Apr 27 14:29:22 1997  Akim Demaille  <demaille@inf.enst.fr>

        * base.ps: Merged in color.ps, since now a lot is
          common [added box and underline features].

Fri Apr 25 14:05:20 1997  Akim Demaille  <demaille@inf.enst.fr>

        * color.ps: Added box and underline routines.

Mon Mar 17 20:39:11 1997  Akim Demaille  <demaille@gargantua.enst.fr>

        * base.ps: Got rid of CourierBack and reencoded_backspace_font.
          Now the C has to handle this by itself.

Sat Mar  1 19:12:22 1997  Akim Demaille  <demaille@gargantua.enst.fr>

        * *.enc: they build their own dictionaries, to ease multi
          lingual documents.

The syntax is really simple: A line specifying the author and the date of the changes, then a list of changes, all of them starting with an star followed by the name of the files concerned, then optionally between parentheses the functions affected, and then some comments.

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