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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.6.8 Checking a Style Sheet

Once your style sheet is written, you may want to let a2ps perform simple tests on it (e.g., checking there are no rules involving upper case characters in a case insensitive style sheet, etc.). These tests are performed when verbosity includes the style sheets.

you may also want to use the special convention that when a style sheet is required with a suffix, then a2ps will not look at it in its library path, but precisely from when you are.

Suppose for instance you extended the `c.ssh' style sheet, which is in the current directory, and is said case insensitive. Run
ubu $ a2ps foo.c -Ec.ssh -P void -v sheets
# Long output deleted
Checking coherence of "C" (c.ssh)
a2ps: c.ssh:`FILE' uses upper case characters
a2ps: c.ssh:`NULL' uses upper case characters
"C" (c.ssh) is corrupted.
---------- End of Finalization of c.ssh

Here, it is clear that C is not case insensitive.

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