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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.6.2 Style Sheet Header

The definition of the name of the style sheet is:
style name is
  # body of the style sheet
end style

The following constructions are optional:

To define the version number of the style sheet
version is version-number

To define the author(s).
written by authors

Giving your email is useful for bug reports about style sheets.
written by "Some Body "

To specify the version of a2ps it requires. a2ps won't accept a file which requires a higher version number than its own.
requires a2ps a2ps-version-number

To leave extra comments people should read.
documentation is
end documentation
strings may be a list of strings, without comas, in which case new lines are automatically inserted between each item. See section 5.1 Documentation Format, for details on the format.

Please, write useful comments, not `This style is devoted to C files', since the name is here for that, nor `Report errors to mail@me.somewhere', since written by is there for that.
documentation is
    "Not all the keywords are used, to avoid too much"
    "bolding. Heavy highlighting (code(-g)code), covers"
    "the whole language."
end documentation

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