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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.6 Style Sheets Implementation

In the previous section (see section 7.5 Style Sheets Semantics) were explained the various items needed to understand the machinery involved in pretty printing. Here, their implementation, i.e., how to write a style sheet file, is explained. The next section (see section 7.7 A Tutorial on Style Sheets), exposes a step by step simple example.

7.6.1 A Bit of Syntax  Lexical rules of the ssh language
7.6.2 Style Sheet Header  Declaration of a style
7.6.3 Syntax of the Words  Classes of the Characters
7.6.4 Inheriting from Other Style Sheets  Extending existing style sheets
7.6.5 Syntax for the P-Rules  Atomic Pretty Printing rules
7.6.6 Declaring the keywords and the operators  Special Classes of Identifiers
7.6.7 Declaring the sequences  Bordered Lexical Entities
7.6.8 Checking a Style Sheet  Ask a2ps to Check the Sheet

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