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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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2.2 How to print

To print a file `doc.txt', just give it to a2ps: the default setting should be the one you'd like:
gargantua ~ $ a2ps doc.txt
[doc.txt (plain): 9 pages on 5 sheets]
[Total: 9 pages on 5 sheets] sent to the default printer

a2ps sent the file `doc.txt' to the default printer, writing two columns of text on a single face of the sheet. Indeed, by default a2ps uses the option `-2', standing for two virtual pages.

2.2.1 Basics for Printing  Printing text files
2.2.2 Special Printers  Some useful fake printers
2.2.3 Using Delegations  Printing special files (PS, DVI etc.)
2.2.4 Printing Duplex  Doing Fancy Things
2.2.5 Checking the Defaults  Is it set the way you want?

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