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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.4 Faces

A face is an attribute given to a piece of text, which specifies how it should look like. Since a2ps is devoted to pretty-printing source files, the faces it uses are related to the syntactic entities that can be encountered in a file.

The faces a2ps uses are:

This corresponds to the text body.

These are related to the keywords that may appear in a text.

These are related to comments in the text. Remember that comments should be considered as non essential ("Aaaeaaarg" says the programmer); indeed, the user might suppress the comments thanks (?) to the option `--strip-level'. Hence, never use these faces just because you think they look better on, say, strings.

These are used when a point of extreme importance, or a sectioning point, is met. Typically, functions declarations etc.

Used mainly for string and character literals.

Used to underline the presence of an error. For instance in Encapsulated PostScript, some PostScript operators are forbidden: they are underlined as errors.

Actually, there is also the face `Symbol', but this one is particular: it is not legal changing its font.

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