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The following symbols, inherited from the style sheet Symbol, are not supported by LaTeX:

`\Alpha', `\apple', `\Beta', `\carriagereturn', `\Chi', `\Epsilon', `\Eta', `\florin', `\Iota', `\Kappa', `\Mu', `\Nu', `\Omicron', `\omicron', `\radicalex', `\register', `\Rho', `\suchthat', `\Tau', `\therefore', `\trademark', `\varUpsilon', `\Zeta'.

LaTeX is more demanding about special symbols. Most of them must be in so-called math mode, which means that the command must be inside `$' signs. For instance, though
If \forall x \in E, x \in F then E \subseteq F.

is perfectly legal in PreTeX, it should be written
If $\forall x \in E, x \in F$ then $E \subseteq F$.

for LaTeX. Since in PreTeX every `$' is discarded (unless quoted by a `\'), the second form is also admitted.

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