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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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These commands required arguments.

Highlight lightly/strongly the given text. Should be used only for a couple of adjacent words.

The text is given a special face. The text may be removed if option `--strip' is used.

text should be considered as a definition, or an important point in the structure of the whole text.

Write text with string's face (e.g., in font Times).

Write text with error's face (generally a very different face, so that you see immediately).

text is written in the PostScript symbol font. This feature is not compatible with LaTeX. It is recommended, when possible, to use the special keywords denoting symbols, which are compatible with LaTeX (see section 7.3.1 Symbol).

Use text as header (footer) for the current page. If several headers or footers are defined on the same page, the last one is taken into account.

Change dynamically the current encoding. After this command, the text is printed using the encoding corresponding to key.

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