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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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5.3.3 Adding More Font Support

a2ps can use as many fonts as you want, provided that you teach it the name of the files in which are stored the fonts (see section 5.3.1 Fonts Map File). To this end, a very primitive but still useful shell script is provided: make_fonts_map.sh.

First, you need to find the directories which store the fonts you want to use, and extend the library path so that a2ps sees those directories. For instance, add:
AppendLibraryPath: /usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts

Then run make_fonts_map.sh. It should be located in the `afm/' directory of the system's a2ps hierarchy. Typically `/usr/local/share/a2ps/afm/make_fonts_map.sh'.

This script asks a2ps for the library path, wanders in this path collecting AFM files, and digging information in them.

Once the script has finished, a file `fonts.map.new' was created. Check its integrity, and if it's correct, either replace the old `fonts.map' with it, or rename `fonts.map.new' as `fonts.map' and place it higher in the the library path (for instance in your `~/.a2ps/' directory).

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