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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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5.1 Documentation Format

In various places a documentation can be given. Since some parts of this document and of web pages are extracted from documentations, some tags are needed to provide a better layout. The format is a mixture made out of Texinfo like commands, but built so that quick and easy processing can be made.

These tags are:

Typeset text like a piece of code. This should be used for keys, variables, options etc. For instance the documentation of the bold prologue mentions the bw prologue:
This style is meant to replace the old option
code(-b)code of a2ps 4.3.  It is a copy of the
black and white prologue, but in which all the
fonts are in Bold.

Specifies a hyper text link displayed as text.

`@end example'
They must be alone on the line. The text between these tags is displayed in a code-like fonts. This should be used for including a piece of code. For instance, in the documentation of the gnuc style sheet:
documentation is
 "Declaration of functions are highlighted"
 "emph(only)emph if you start the function name"
 "in the first column, and it is followed by an"
 "opening parenthesis.  In other words, if you"
 "int main (void)"
 "@end example"
 "it won't work.  Write:"
 "main (void)"
 "@end example"
end documentation

`@item' text
`@end itemize'
Typeset a list of items. The opening and closing tags must be alone on the line.

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