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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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5. Library Files

To be general and to allow as much customization as possible, a2ps avoids to hard code its knowledge (encodings, PostScript routines, etc.), and tries to split it in various files. Hence it needs a path, i.e., a list of directories, in which it may find the files it needs.

The exact value of this library path is available by `a2ps --list=defaults'. Typically its value is:
gargantua ~ $ a2ps --list=defaults
Configuration status of a2ps 4.13
More stuff deleted here
  verbosity level     = 2
  file command        = /usr/ucb/file -L
  temporary directory =
  library path        =

You may change this default path through the configuration files (see section 4.2 Your Library Path).

If you plan to define yourself some files for a2ps, they should be in one of those directories.

5.1 Documentation Format  Special tags to write a documentation
5.2 Map Files  Their general shape and rationale
5.3 Font Files  Using other fonts
5.4 Style Sheet Files  Defining pretty printing rules

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