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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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4.9.1 Defining Variables

Configuration Setting: Variable: key value
Define the escape `#{key}' to be a short cut for value. key must not have any character from `:(){}'.

As as example, here is a variable for psnup, which encloses all the option passing one would like. Delegations are then easier to write:
Variable: psnup psnup -#v -q #?j|-d|| #?r||-c| -w#w -h#h

It is strongly suggested to follow a `.' (dot) separated hierarchy, starting with:

for variables that are related to delegations.

for variables used in prologues (see section 8.6 Designing PostScript Prologues). Please, specify the name of the prologue (e.g., `pro.matrix.gray').

for variables related to PostScript matters, such as the page label (which is associated to ps.page_label), the header etc.

for page label formats. See section 4.8 Your Page Labels, the option `--page-label' in 3.1.6 Input Options.

for toc formats. See the option `--toc' in 3.1.6 Input Options.

for user related information. See section 4.9.2 Predefined Variables.

This naming convention has not fully stabilized. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause to users.

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