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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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4. Configuration Files

a2ps reads several files before the command line options. In the order, they are:

  1. the system configuration file (usually `/usr/local/etc/a2ps.cfg') unless you have defined the environment variable `A2PS_CONFIG', in which case a2ps reads the file it points to;

  2. the user's home configuration file (`$HOME/.a2ps/a2psrc')

  3. the local file (`./.a2psrc')

Because a2ps needs architecture dependent information (such as the local lpr command) and architecture independent information (such as the type of your printers), users have found useful that `a2ps.cfg' be dedicated to architecture dependent information. A sub configuration file, `a2ps-site.cfg' (see section 4.1 Including Configuration Files) is included from `a2ps.cfg'.

The file `a2ps.cfg' is updated when you update a2ps, while `a2ps-site.cfg' is not, to preserve local definitions.

In the configuration files, empty lines and lines starting with `#' are comments.

The other lines have all the following form:
Topic: Arguments

where Topic: is a keyword related to what you are customizing, and Arguments the customization. Arguments may be spread on several lines, provided that the last character of a line to continue is a `\'.

In the following sections, each Topic: is detailed.

4.1 Including Configuration Files  Isolating site specific values
4.2 Your Library Path  Setting the files search path
4.3 Your Default Options  Default state of a2ps
4.4 Your Media  Sheets dimensions
4.5 Your Printers  How to access the printers
4.6 Your Shortcuts  Your very own command line options
4.7 Your PostScript magic number  Handling very old printers
4.8 Your Page Labels  Page names as in Ghostview
4.9 Your Variables  Short cut for long sequences
4.10 Your Delegations  Delegating some files to other filters
4.11 Your Internal Details  Details you might want to tune

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