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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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3.2.2 General Structure of the Escapes

All format directives can also be given in format

escape width directive


In general
escapes are related to general information (e.g., the current date, the user's name etc.),

escapes are related to the output (e.g., the output file name) or to the options you gave (e.g., the number of virtual pages etc.), or to special constructions (e.g., enumerations of the files, or tests etc.),

escapes are related to the current input file (e.g., its name, its current page number etc.),

introduces classical escaping, or quoting, sequences (e.g., `\n', `\f' etc.).

Specifies the width of the column to which the escape is printed. There are three forms for width
the result of the expansion is prefixed by the character padding so that the whole result is as long as integer. For instance `$+.10n' with a file name `$n'=`foo.c' gives `.....foo.c'.

If no padding is given, ` ' (white space) is used.

Idem as above, except that completion is done on the left: `$+.10n' gives `foo.c.....'.

which is a short cut for `+integer'. For example, escape `$5P' will expand to something like ` 12'.

See section 3.2.3 Available Escapes.

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