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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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3.2.1 Use of Escapes

They are used in several places in a2ps:
Page markers
Headers, footers, titles and the water mark (see section 3.1.5 Headings Options), in general to print the name of file, page number etc. On a new sheet a2ps first draws the water mark, then the content of the first page, then the frame of the first page, (ditto with the others), and finally the sheet header and footers. This order must be taken into account for some escapes (e.g., `$l.', `$l^').

Named output
To specify the generic name of the file to produce, or how to access a printer (see section 4.5 Your Printers).

To specify the command associated to a delegation (see section 4.10 Your Delegations).

Table of Content
To specify an index/table of content printed at the end of the job.

Variables in PostScript prologue
To allow the user to change some parameters to your prologues (see section 8.6 Designing PostScript Prologues).

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