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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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3.1.9 PostScript Options

The following options are related only to variations you want to produce onto a PostScript output.

Option: --ppd[=key]
With no argument, set automatic PPD selection, otherwise set the PPD to key. FIXME: what to read.

Option: -n num
Option: --copies=num
print num copies of each page

Option: -s duplex-mode
Option: --sides=duplex-mode
Specify the number of sheet sides, or, more generally, the Duplex mode (see section A. Glossary). The valid values for duplex-mode are:
One page per sheet.

Two pages per sheet, DuplexNoTumble mode.

Two pages per sheet, DuplexTumble mode.
Not only does this option require Duplex from the printer, but it also enables duplex features from a2ps (e.g., the margin changes from front pages to back pages etc.).

Option: -S key[:value]
Option: --setpagedevice=key[:value]
Pass a page device definition to the generated PostScript output. If no value is given, key is removed from the definitions. Note that several `--setpagedevice' can be accumulated.

For example, command

ubu $ a2ps -SDuplex:true -STumble:true NEWS
[NEWS (plain): 15 pages on 8 sheets]
[Total: 15 pages on 8 sheets] sent to the default printer

prints file `report.pre' in duplex (two sides) tumble (suitable for landscape documents). This is also valid for delegated files:
a2ps -SDuplex:true -STumble:true a2ps.texi

Page device operators are implementation dependent but they are standardized. See section 8.2 Page Device Options, for details.

Option: --statusdict=key[:value]
Option: --statusdict=key[::value]
Pass a statusdict definition to the generated PostScript output. statusdict operators and variables are implementation dependent; see the documentation of your printer for details. See section 8.3 Statusdict Options, for details. Several `--statusdict' can be accumulated.

If no value is given, key is removed from the definitions.

With a single colon, pass a call to an operator, for instance:

a2ps --statusdict=setpapertray:1 quicksort.c

prints file `quicksort.c' by using paper from the paper tray 1 (assuming that printer supports paper tray selection).

With two colons, define variable key to equal value. For instance:

a2ps --statusdict=papertray::1 quicksort.c


  /papertray 1 def

in the PostScript.

Option: -k
Option: --page-prefeed
enable page prefeeding. It consists in positioning the sheet in the printing area while the PostScript is interpreted (instead of waiting the end of the interpretation of the page before pushing the sheet). It can lead to an significant speed up of the printing.

a2ps quotes the access to that feature, so that non supporting printers won't fail.

Option: -K
Option: --no-page-prefeed
disable page prefeeding.

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