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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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3.1.8 Output Options

These are the options to specify what you want to do out of what a2ps produces. Only a single destination is possible at a time, i.e., if ever there are several options `-o', `-P' or `-d', the last one is honored.

Option: -o file
Option: --output=file
leave output to file file. If file is `-', leave output to the standard output.

Option: --version-control=type
to avoid loosing a file, a2ps offers backup services. This is enabled when the output file already exists, is regular (that is, no backup is done on special files such as `/dev/null'), and is writable (in this case, disabling version control makes a2ps fail the very same way as if version control was disabled: permission denied).

The type of backups made can be set with the VERSION_CONTROL environment variable, which can be overridden by this option. If VERSION_CONTROL is not set and this option is not given, the default backup type is `existing'. The value of the VERSION_CONTROL environment variable and the argument to this option are like the GNU Emacs `version-control' variable; they also recognize synonyms that are more descriptive. The valid values are (unique abbreviations are accepted):

Never make backups (override existing files).

Always make numbered backups.

Make numbered backups of files that already have them, simple backups of the others.

Always make simple backups.

Option: --suffix=suffix
The suffix used for making simple backup files can be set with the SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX environment variable, which can be overridden by this option. If neither of those is given, the default is `~', as it is in Emacs.

Option: -P name
Option: --printer=name
send output to printer name. See item `Printer:' and `Unknown printer:' in 4.5 Your Printers and results of option `--list=defaults' to see the bindings between printer names and commands.

It is possible to pass additional options to lpr or lp via the variable `lp.options', for more information see 10.2.5 How Can I Pass Options to `lpr'.

Option: -d
send output to the default printer. See item `DefaultPrinter:' in 4.5 Your Printers.

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