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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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3.1.7 Pretty Printing Options

These options are related to the pretty printing features of a2ps.

Option: --highlight-level=level
Specify the level of highlighting. level can be
no highlighting

regular highlighting

even more highlighting.
See the documentation of the style sheets (`--list=style-sheets') for a description of `heavy' highlighting.

Option: -g
Alias for `--highlight-level=heavy'.

Option: -E [language]
Option: --pretty-print[=language]
With no arguments, set automatic style selection on. Otherwise, set style to language. Note that setting language to `plain' turns off pretty-printing. See section 7.2 Known Style Sheets, and the output of `--list=style-sheets' for the available style sheets.

If language is `key.ssh', then don't look in the library path, but use the file `key.ssh'. This is to ease debugging non installed style sheets.

Option: --strip-level=num
Depending on the value of num:
everything is printed;
regular comments are not printed
strong comments are not printed
no comment is printed.

This option is valuable for instance in java in which case strong comments are the so called documentation comments, or in SDL for which some graphical editors pollutes the specification with internal data as comments.

Note that the current implementation is not satisfactory: some undesired blank lines remain. This is planed to be fixed.

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