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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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2.5.1 Interfacing With a Mailer

When you print from a mailer (or a news reader), your mailer calls a tool, say a2ps on a part of the whole mailbox. This makes it difficult for a2ps to guess that the file is of the type `mail'. Therefore, for better results, make sure to tell a2ps the files are mails. The user option `mail' (or `longmail' for longer inputs) encapsulates most typical tuning users want to print mails (for instance, don't print all the headers).

Most specifically, if your mailer is:

Once you are in elm, hit o to enter in the options edition menu, hit p to edit the printer command, and enter `a2ps -=mail %s -d'. The option `-d' means to print on the default printer.

Jan Chrillesen suggests us how to use a2ps with the Pine mail-reader. Add the following to `.pinerc' (of course you can put it in `pine.conf' as well):
# Your printer selection
printer=a2ps -=mail -d

# Special print command
personal-print-command=a2ps -=mail -d

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