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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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Index Entry Section

`%!'4.7 Your PostScript magic number

`.a2ps'4. Configuration Files
.afm5.3.2 Fonts Description Files
.edf6.2.2 Encoding Description Files
.map5.2 Map Files
.pfa5.3.2 Fonts Description Files
.pfb5.3.2 Fonts Description Files

`:'4.6 Your Shortcuts

`a2ps-site.cfg'4. Configuration Files
`a2ps.cfg'4. Configuration Files
`A2PS_CONFIG'4. Configuration Files
A2PS_VERBOSITY3.1.2 Global Options
`a2psrc'4. Configuration Files
AdobeA. Glossary
AFM5.3.2 Fonts Description Files
AFMA. Glossary
Alphabets7.5.3 Alphabets
Angus DugganA. Glossary
`AppendLibraryPath:'4.2 Your Library Path

banner10.2.5 How Can I Pass Options to `lpr'
Bug1.2 Reporting Bugs

C-char7.6.7 Declaring the sequences
C-string7.6.7 Declaring the sequences
CharsetA. Glossary
Code SetA. Glossary
Command line options3.1 Command line options
Configuration Files4. Configuration Files
CopyingC. Copying

`DefaultPrinter:'4.5 Your Printers
DelegateA. Glossary
`Delegation:'4.10.1 Defining a Delegation
Delegations4.10 Your Delegations
display2.2.2 Special Printers
Document Structuring ConventionsA. Glossary
DSC8.1 Foreword: Good and Bad PostScript
DSCA. Glossary
Duplex3.1.9 PostScript Options
DuplexA. Glossary
DuplexNoTumbleA. Glossary
DuplexTumbleA. Glossary

EDF6.2.2 Encoding Description Files
elm2.5.1 Interfacing With a Mailer
Encoding3.1.6 Input Options
EncodingA. Glossary
Escape4.9 Your Variables
Escapes3.2 Escapes

Face7.4 Faces
FaceA. Glossary
file2.2.2 Special Printers
First Page1. Introduction

GhostscriptA. Glossary
gsA. Glossary

Headers3.1.5 Headings Options
HeadingsA. Glossary

`Include:'4.1 Including Configuration Files

key7.5.1 Name and key
KeyA. Glossary
Keyword7.5.5 P-Rules

lhs7.5.5 P-Rules
libpaper3.1.3 Sheet Options
Library files5. Library Files
`LibraryPath:'4.2 Your Library Path
Logical pageA. Glossary

make_fonts_map.sh5.3.3 Adding More Font Support
Map files5.2 Map Files
Markers7.5.6 Sequences
MediumA. Glossary
`Medium:'4.4 Your Media

Non PostScript printers4.5 Your Printers

Operator7.5.5 P-Rules
Optimize for Portability8.1 Foreword: Good and Bad PostScript
Optimize for Speed8.1 Foreword: Good and Bad PostScript
Optional entries7.5.7 Optional entries
Options3.1 Command line options
`Options:'4.3 Your Default Options
`OutputFirstLine:'4.7 Your PostScript magic number
`OutputFirstLine:'4.7 Your PostScript magic number

P-ruleA. Glossary
P-Rule7.5.5 P-Rules
PageA. Glossary
Page Description LanguageA. Glossary
Page device3.1.9 PostScript Options
Page prefeed3.1.9 PostScript Options
Page Range3.1.6 Input Options
`PageLabelFormat:'4.8 Your Page Labels
paperconf3.1.3 Sheet Options
PCLA. Glossary
PFA fileA. Glossary
PFB fileA. Glossary
pine2.5.1 Interfacing With a Mailer
PostScriptA. Glossary
PostScript Quality8.1 Foreword: Good and Bad PostScript
PPD fileA. Glossary
Predefined Variables4.9.2 Predefined Variables
`PrependLibraryPath:'4.2 Your Library Path
PreScript7.3.2 PreScript
Pretty printing7. Pretty Printing
`Printer:'4.5 Your Printers
ProcSetA. Glossary
Prologue3.1.6 Input Options
PrologueA. Glossary
psutilsA. Glossary

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