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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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B.2 Thanks

Patrick Andries, from Alis Technologies inc. and Roman Czyborra (see his home page), provided us with important information on encodings. We strongly recommend that you go and read these pages: there is a lot to learn.

Juliusz Chroboczek worked a lot on the integration of the products of Ogonkify (such as Latin 2 etc. fonts) in a2ps. Without his help, and the time is devoted to both a2ps and ogonkify, many non west-European people would still be unable to print easily texts written in their mother tongue.

Denis Girou brought a constant and valuable support through out the genesis of pretty-printing a2ps. His comments on both the program and the documentation are the origin of many pleasant features (such as `--prologue').

Alexander Mai provided us with invaluable help in the development. He spotted several times subtle bugs in a2ps and the contributions, he keeps a vigilant eye on portability issues, he checks and improves the style sheets, and he maintains a port of a2ps for OS/2.

Graham Jenkins, with an extraordinary regularity, tortures a2ps on weird systems that nobody ever heard of `:)'. Graham is usually the ultimate test: if he says I can release a2ps, I rest reassured that, yes, this time it will compile! If a2ps works today on your system, you should thank Graham too!

Of course this list is not up to date, and never will. We would like to thank everybody that helped us, talked to us, and even criticized us with the intention to help us to improve a2ps. Of course it doesn't sound right, yes it sounds a little childish, but we can tell you: we would never have the strength and the faith of building and maintaining a2ps without the support of all these guys.

While a2ps is finally just a couple of bits on a hard disk, to us it is an adventure we live with other humans, and, boy, that's a darn good pleasure!

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