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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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10.3.2 Why Have the Options Changed?

The options of this a2ps are not the same as in the previous versions.

True. But the old scheme (up to version 4.6.1) prevented us from offering more options. We had to drop it, and to fully redesign the options handling.

Since that profound change, we try to change as little as possible between versions. Nevertheless, as the time passes, we discover that some never used options should be renamed, or used for something else. In these cases, compatibility code is left for a long time.

Anywhere you put options but the command line (e.g., in a2ps configuration files or in shell scripts), avoid using short options, since short options are much more likely to be changed (there are not so many, so it is a precious resource). Since there are as many long options as one wants, we can leave compatibility code with the long options.

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