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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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10.1.7 Why Does it Refuse to Change the Font Size

a2ps does not seem to honor --font-size (or `--lines-per-page', or `--chars-per-line').

This is probably because you used `-1'..`-9' after the `--font-size'. This is wrong, because the options `-1'..`-9' set the font size (so that there are 80 characters per lines), and many other things (See section 3.1.4 Page Options, option `--font-size').

Hence `a2ps --font-size=12km -4' is exactly the same thing as `a2ps -4', but is different from `a2ps -4 --font-size=12km'. Note that the `pure' options (no side-effects) to specify the number of virtual pages are `--columns' and `--rows'.

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