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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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10.1.2 Why Does it Print in Simplex?

Though I ask a2ps to print Duplex via `--sides', the job is printed Simplex.

If your printer is too old, then a2ps will not be able to send it the code it needs when `-s2' is specified. This is because your printer uses an old and not standardized interface for special features.

So you need to

  1. specify that you want Duplex mode: `-s2',

  2. remove by hand the standardized call to the Duplex feature: `-SDuplex',

  3. add the non standard call to Duplex. Try `--statusdict=setduplexmode:true'.

Since this is painful to hit, a User Option (see section 4.6 Your Shortcuts) should help.

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