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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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9.2.1 Invoking fixps

fixps [options] [file]

sanitize the PostScript file (or of the standard input if no file is given, or if file is `-').

Supported options are:

Option: -h
Option: --help
Print a short help message and a list of the fixes that are performed. Exit successfully.

Option: -V
Option: --version
report the version and exit successfully.

Option: -D
Option: --debug
enter in debug mode.

Option: -q
Option: --quiet
Option: --silent
Run silently.

Option: -o file
Option: --output=file
specify the file in which is saved the output.

Option: -n
Option: --no-fix
Don't actually fix the file but still honor all of the other options. In particular, `fixps -qn file' is equivalent to `cat file'.

Option: -c
Option: --check
Option: --dry-run
Don't actually fix the file: just report the diagnostics. Contrary to the option `fixps -qc' does absolutely nothing (while it does take some time to do it nicely).

Option: -f
Option: --force
Ask ghoscript for a full rewrite of the file. The output file is really sane, but can be much longer than the original. For this reason and others, it is not always a good idea to make a full rewrite. This option should be used only for files that give major problems.

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