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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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9.1.1 Invoking card

card [options] applications [-- a2ps-options]

card is a shell script which tries to guess how to get your applications' help message (typically by the options `--help' or `-h'), and pretty prints it thanks to a2ps (or the content of the environment variable `A2PS' if it is set). a2ps-options are passed to a2ps.

Supported options are:

Option: -h
Option: --help
print a short help message and exit successfully.

Option: -V
Option: --version
report the version and exit successfully.

Option: -q
Option: --quiet
Option: --silent
Run silently.

Option: -D
Option: --debug
enter in debug mode.

Option: -l language
Option: --language=language
specify the language in which the reference card should be printed. language should be the symbol used by LC_ALL etc. (such as `fr', `it' etc.).

If the applications don't support internationalization, English will be used.

Option: --command=command
Don't try to guess the applications' way to report their help message, but rather use the call command. A typical example is
card --command="cc -flags"

It is possible to give options to a2ps (see section 3.1 Command line options) by specifying them after `--'. For instance
card gmake gtar --command="cc -flags" -- -Pdisplay

builds the reference card of GNU make, GNU tar (automatic detection of `--help' support), and cc thanks to `-flags'.

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