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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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8.6.1 Definition of the faces

There are three things that define a face:
Its font
You should never call the font by yourself, because sometimes a2ps may decide that another font would be better. This is what happens for instance if a font does not support the encoding you use.

Hence, never set the font by yourself, but ask a2ps to do it. This is done through a line:
%Face: face real-font-name size

This line tells a2ps that the font of face is real-font-name. It will replace this line by the correct PostScript line to call the needed font, and will do everything needed to set up the font.

The size of the text body is bfs.

Its background color
There are two cases:
  1. You want a background color, then give the RGB (see section 8.4 Colors in PostScript) ratio and true to BG:
    0.8 0.8 0 true BG

  2. You don't want a background color, then call BG with false:
    false BG

Its foreground color
As BG, call FG with an RGB ratio:
0 0.5 0 FG

Its underlining
UL requires a boolean argument, depending whether you want or not the current face to be underlined.
true UL

Its boxing
Requiring a boolean, BX let's a face have a box drawn around.

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