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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.7.5 Guide Line for Distributed Style Sheets

This section is meant for people who wish to contribute style sheets. There is a couple of additional constraints, explained here.

The Copyright
Please, do put a copyright in your file, the same as all other distributed files have: it should include your name, but also the three paragraphs stating the sheet is covered by the GPL. I won't distribute files without these paragraphs.

The Version
Do put a version number, so that people can track evolutions.

The Requirements
Make sure to include a requirement on the needed version of a2ps. If you don't know what to put, just put the version of the a2ps you run.

The Documentation
The documentation string is mandatory. Unless the language your style sheet covers is widely known, please document a bit what the style sheet is meant for. If there were choices you made, if there are special behaviors, document them.

The `sheets.map' Entries
Put in a comment on the `sheets.map' lines that correspond to your style sheet.

A Test File
It is better to give a test file, as small as possible, that contains the most specific and/or most difficult contructs that your style sheet supports. I need to be able to distribute this file, therefore, do not put anything that is copyrighted.

Finally, make sure your style sheet behaves well! (see section 7.6.8 Checking a Style Sheet)

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