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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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7.7.3 The Entry in `sheets.map'

The last touch is to include the pattern rules about `ChangeLog' files (which could appear as `ChangeLog.old' etc.) in `sheets.map':
# ChangeLog files
chlog:  /ChangeLog*/

This won't work... Well, not always. Not for instance if you print `misc/ChangeLog'. This is not a bug, but truly a feature, since sometimes one gets more information about the type of a file from its path, than from the file name.

Here, to match the preceding path that may appear, just use `*':
# ChangeLog files
chlog:  /*ChangeLog*/

If you want to be more specific (`FooChangeLog' should not match), use:
# ChangeLog files
chlog:  /ChangeLog*/ /*\/ChangeLog*/

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