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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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2.2.2 Special Printers

There are three special printers pre-defined.

The first one, void, sends the output to the trash. Its main use is to see how many pages would have been used.
gargantua ~ $ a2ps -P void parsessh.c
[parsessh.c (C): 33 pages on 17 sheets]
[Total: 33 pages on 17 sheets] sent to the printer `void'

The second, display sends the output to Ghostview, so that you can check the output without printing. Of course if you don't have Ghostview, it won't work... And it is up to you to configure another displaying application (see section 4.5 Your Printers).

The last, file saves the output into a file named after the file you printed (e.g., saves into `foo.ps' when you print `foo.c').

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