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General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

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1. Introduction

This document describes GNU a2ps version 4.13. The latest versions may be found on the a2ps home page.

We tried to make this document informative and pleasant. It tries to be more than a plain reference guide, and intends to offer information about the concepts or tools etc. that are related to printing PostScript. This is why it is now that big: to offer you all the information you might want, not because a2ps is difficult to use. See section A. Glossary, for technical words or even general information.

Please, send us emailcards :). Whatever the comment is, or if you just like a2ps, write to Miguel Santana and Akim Demaille.

1.1 Description  What a2ps is
1.2 Reporting Bugs  What to do when you face problems
1.3 a2ps Mailing List  Getting news about a2ps
1.4 Helping the Development  How to contribute

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