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Information For Maintainers of GNU Software

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11. Web Pages

Please write pages about your package for installation www.gnu.org. The pages should follow our usual standards for web pages (see http://www.gnu.org/server); we chose them in order to support a wide variety of browsers, to focus on information rather than flashy eye candy, and to keep the site simple and uniform.

Please talk with webmasters@gnu.org about the arrangements for installing and updating pages. There are various ways this can be done: you can mail them pages to install, they can make an account for you, or you can keep the pages in CVS on subversions.gnu.org and have them automatically checked out into the web server.

Some GNU packages have just simple web pages, but the more information you provide, the better. So please write as much as you usefully can, and put all of it on www.gnu.org. However, pages that access databases (such as mail logs or bug tracking) are an exception; set them up wherever is convenient for you, and the pages on www.gnu.org can link to them.

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