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Information For Maintainers of GNU Software

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9.3 Distribution on ftp.gnu.org

GNU packages are distributed through directory `/gnu' on ftp.gnu.org. Each package should have a subdirectory named after the package, and all the distribution files for the package should go in that subdirectory.

Only the latest version of any program needs to be on ftp.gnu.org. Being an archive of old versions is not the function of ftp.gnu.org.

Diffs are another matter. Since they are much smaller than distribution files, it is good to keep the diffs around for quite a while.

Please talk with ftp-upload@gnu.org in regard to putting new versions on ftp.gnu.org.

If you have an interest in seeing the monthly download logs from the FTP site at ftp.gnu.org for your program, that is something that ftp-upload@gnu.org can set up for you. Please contact them if you are interested.

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