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9.6 What do DJGPP programs need to run?

Q: When I copy my DJGPP application program to another PC where no DJGPP is installed, I can't run it. It complains that it cannot find DPMI (??). Do I really need all of your multi-megabyte installation to run compiled programs?

A: No, you don't. You can either (a) bring the CWSDPMI.EXE free DPMI host to the target machine and put it in the same directory as your compiled program or somewhere along the PATH, or (b) make sure there's another DPMI host (such as QDPMI, 386Max, Windows, etc.) installed on the target machine.

If your program could be run on a machine which lacks a floating-point processor, you should also distribute an emulator, or link your program with an emulator library. See floating-point emulation issues.

PMODE/DJ is an alternative DPMI host that can be bound with your program, so that you have a single self-sufficient executable, but remember that PMODE/DJ doesn't support virtual memory, so such programs will only run on machines with enough free physical RAM.

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