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3.10 How to get the most RAM for DJGPP programs?

Q: How do I set my system so that DJGPP programs could use all of my 256MB of installed physical RAM?

Q: I have 128MB of memory installed, but go32-v2 only reports 32MB, how can I get more?

Q: You say that CWSDPMI supports up to 512MB of total virtual memory, but I cannot get more than 128MB!

A: You can have as much as 256MB of physical memory in DJGPP programs, provided that you have at least that much installed, and that you observe the following guidelines:

Another possibility is to run your program from the Windows 9X DOS box, after changing the EMM386 line in your CONFIG.SYS like this:


I'm told that this line (here for 128MB of installed memory) together with an "Auto" setting of the DPMI memory for the DOS box allows DJGPP programs to use up to 117MB of memory when running from the DOS box under Windows 9X.

If you need to use more than 256MB of physical memory, upgrade to CWSDPMI r5 or later. Another possibility is to run under OS/2 which features a built-in DPMI 1.0 support which can be configured to support as much as 512MB of DPMI memory (the user who reported this didn't know how much of this can be physical RAM).

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