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15.10 Memory-related problems in Windows 98

Q: Whenever I run a batch file that launches a DJGPP program, Windows 98 pops up a message saying that "This program has accessed memory in use" and threatens me with all kinds of trouble unless I terminate the program. What's wrong with DJGPP programs??

A: Nothing's wrong with DJGPP programs, it's some weird Windows bug, and it is not limited to DJGPP programs, either. I'm told that to get rid of these messages, you need to change the settings in the DOS box Properties, under Memory. Specifically:

After doing this, click OK, close the DOS box and reopen it again. The problem should now go away.

Btw, the message popped up by Windows is a mere nuisance, since if you answer YES to Windows' question whether you want to continue, everything works just fine, and the message is never popped up again until you reboot the machine. Seems like just one more of those Windows teasers....

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