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10.1 What GRX driver to use with your SVGA

Q: Why won't GRX work with my SVGA adapter in any resolution but the standard VGA?

Q: How do I tell GRX which driver to use with my SVGA?

A: In order for GRX to work with your SVGA, you should set the GRX20DRV environment variable, like this:

  set GRX20DRV=et4000 gw 1024 gh 768 nc 256

To set that variable, you need to know the chip-set on your adapter; refer to your SVGA documentation. Currently, GRX supports the following chip-sets:

The ATI 28800 chip-set.
Cirrus Logic CL-GD5426 or higher (like CL-GD5428) chip-set.
Tseng Labs ET4000 chip-set.
The ATI Mach-64 SVGA.
The standard EGA adapter.
The standard VGA adapter.
For any VESA-compatible adapter.

After you set the GRX20DRV variable, run modetest.exe to see what modes you have available.

If your chip-set is not one of the above, try the VESA driver because many adapters support the VESA BIOS extensions. If yours doesn't, try installing a VESA BIOS emulator, like UNIVBE. The latest version of UNIVBE and related software is always available from SciTech Web site.

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