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1 If You Are In a Hurry

Q: Do you really mean I have to read this looongish FAQ list to get my answers?

Q: I have this problem which I absolutely MUST solve NOW! What do I do?

A: No, you don't need to read all of the FAQ unless you want to (although this is by all means recommended). The questions in this document are listed, as much as possible, in the order they appear when one goes through getting DJGPP, installing it and using it. To quickly find an answer to your question, first look at the Table of Contents. If that doesn't help, try the indices at the end of this manual. You can look up your question either by program name, or by topic name.

If you don't find anything appropriate through the indices, search this FAQ for words which are pertinent to your problem1.

If searching the FAQ didn't help, try the DJGPP archives search, where you can find reports about similar problems and their solutions. If that doesn't help either, try asking the DJGPP gurus.

For those in a real hurry, here are some pointers to the most important topics in this FAQ list:

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