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DJGPP User's Guide

Well, I've finally started working on a DJGPP User's Guide. Unlike the DJGPP Book Project (no longer online), which was a collection of advanced topics from various authors, this Guide is designed to be part of the core of djgpp, acting as everthing from a beginner's guide on up, and will probably be written mostly by me (sigh).

Please feel free to pick a topic from the list of non-link topics below and write it! Mail your submissions to dj@delorie.com and please keep them in the same basic format and style as the others. I'll probably end up editing them anyway to fit them in with the other sections.

PS: I haven't decided what the target source format will be. For now, it will be in simple HTML, because that's easiest for me.

Table of Contents

	What is DJGPP?
	Getting Help
	Getting DJGPP
	Installing DJGPP
	Your first program

DJGPP Basics
	Compiling programs
	What does 32-bit mean?
	What does protected mode mean?
	Copyright and Redistribution Information

	GCC invocation
	Sources, Objects, and Libraries
	DJGPP Runtime Basics (26-Mar-1998 Tom St Denis)
	Porting 16-bit programs to DJGPP (21-Apr-1998 Tom St Denis)
	Porting GNU and Unix programs to DJGPP (05-Dec-2000 Prashant TR)
	Porting from other compilers (7-Aug-1998 Tom St Denis)
	Speeding up Your Program
	Inline Functions (27-Oct-1998 quintero@bigfoot.com)
	Other Optimization Options

	Basic gdb (03-Apr-1999 Goh Wee Jin)
	Decoding stack traces
	Common Pitfalls

	Memory layout
	Interacting with DOS
	Far Pointer Intro (05-Nov-1998 brunobg@geocities.com Bruno Barberi Gnecco)
	farptr.h and nearptr.h

	Fundamentals (31-Jan-1998 Shawn Hargreaves)
	VGA mode 13h (31-Jan-1998 Shawn Hargreaves)
	VESA (31-Jan-1998 Shawn Hargreaves)
	VBE 2.0 (31-Jan-1998 Shawn Hargreaves)
	About the 80386 architecture (17-Jul-1997 Jim Schwarz)
	Basic Syntax
	Function calling conventions (03-Jun-1999 Nate Eldredge)
	Inline assembler (02-Apr-1999 Marc Brooker)

Larger Projects
	Multiple sources
	archives (libraries)

	Overview (03-Mar-1998 Jack Quinn)
	types of interrupts
	Interrupt Handlers Tutorial (05-Dec-2000 Frederico Jerónimo)
	stack layout
	Intercepting And Processing Hardware Interrupts (16-Nov-1998 Peter Marinov)

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