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Table 2699

Call EDOS entry point with:
	AX = 0000h get EDOS version number
	    Return: AH = major version
		    AL = minor version
	AX = 0001h display message
	    CX = 0
	    DX:BX -> ASCIZ Message
	AX = 0002h get EDOS error coded
	    Return: EAX = time in milliseconds that Windows has been running
	AX = 0003h execute windows program
	    Return: EAX = cumulative amount of time the virtual machine has
			been active, in milliseconds
	AX = 0008h get/set priority
	    BX = 0000h??? foreground
		 0001h background
	    DI = 0000h get
		 0001h set
	    DX = priority setting
	    Return: CX = foreground priority
		    DX = background priority
		    BX:AX = flags
			00000001h exclusive ON
			00000010h background ON
		    SI = CPU percentage

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